Mailchimp advanced training course

Are you looking for a Mailchimp advanced training course for your team? Perhaps you have been using Mailchimp for a while and you would like to discuss the new features and get everyone up to speed with the software.

Nigel Temple

Since 2014, Nigel Temple has delivered hundreds of in-house Mailchimp workshops for clients throughout the UK and abroad. He is also a Mailchimp consultant.

Examples of questions you can ask:

Mailchimp / email marketing strategy. How to set success criteria and objectives.

Setting up Mailchimp. How to setup our Mailchimp account in the best way.

Getting the best out of your Mailchimp account. How to use Multivariate (A/B) testing, Advanced Segmentation, Comparative reports and other features.

Campaign design. How to design effective Mailchimp templates and campaigns. How to make a template work on mobiles. When to use A/B testing with campaign Subject lines.

Campaign copywriting. How to write effective Mailchimp campaigns. Top tips for readability.

Campaign effectiveness. How to increase Mailchimp opening rates and reduce bounce rates. How to reach named individuals with specific content.

Importing opt-in Mailchimp subscribers. Nigel has worked on lists of up to 26 million subscribers. Following the import, you want to be able to sort and select subscribers in the way that you want to. It is helpful to talk this through with an experienced Mailchimp trainer who can discuss the various options and guide you through the process.

Audiences. How to organise them. How to keep them up-to-date. How to import lists.
Is it best to use tagging or segments. What audience segmentation tools should we use.
Do Mailchimp audiences remember people who have unsubscribed if we upload them again.

Growing an Audience, What are your top tips for growing our audience? How best to use sign up and pop up forms.

Mailchimp surveys. How to set them up. Best practice. How to customise them, How can you report the results in the best way?

Customer Journeys / Mailchimp automation: Setup, campaign sequences, understanding triggers, making it all work properly etc.

Analytics. What are the best benchmarks. How to analyse individuals’ activity within an audience. How to create comparative reports by tag.

Other questions can be answered. Simply send your questions to when you enquire.

Nigel can also provide a Mailchimp account, audiences and campaigns review based on a 21 point checklist. This can either be conducted live, or via a report.

Mailchimp advanced training: book a training date

Alternatively, if you have more than 5 attendees or would prefer on-site training at your offices, please let us know your learning requirements; the number of attendees; and where you would like the training to take place (Zoom or your office location). Please mention ‘Mailchimp advanced training’:

MailChimp training contact form

MailChimp training contact form