MailChimp advanced training course

Are you looking for a MailChimp advanced training course either 1-2-1 or in-house? You may have been using MailChimp for a while and feel that there are more features that you could take advantage of. Or you may have specific learning requirements.

As well as delivering hundreds of in-house MailChimp workshops, since 2014 Nigel Temple has run a MailChimp open training course in London every month – click here. The course is beginner to intermediate level.

MailChimp advanced training topics include:

A. MailChimp / email marketing strategy. Have you thought this through? What are your objectives and success criteria?

B. Setting up MailChimp for your enterprise. MailChimp behaves differently, depending on the way that you have set everything up.

C. Getting the best out of MailChimp Premium (which used to be called MailChimp Pro). Understanding and using Multivariate testing, Advanced Segmentation, Comparative reports and other features.

D. Importing opt-in MailChimp subscribers. Nigel has worked on lists of up to 26 million subscribers. It can be challenging to work out the best way of importing subscribers, can’t it? Following the import, you want to be able to sort and select subscribers in the way that you want to. It is helpful to talk this through with an experienced MailChimp consultative trainer who can discuss the various options and guide you through the process.

E. Synchronising MailChimp with an external CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, database or e-commerce system. There are usually at least two ways of doing this. What is the best option? What do you need to do within MailChimp first? What do you need to know in order to avoid problems, going forward?

F. MailChimp Customer Journeys: setup, campaign sequences, understanding triggers, making it all work properly etc.

G. A review of your MailChimp account, audiences and campaigns based on a 21 point checklist. This can either be conducted live, or via a report.

The MailChimp advanced training course options:

1. On a 1-2-1 basis. This can help when you have a specific training issue. Please email: with your learning requirements.

2. In-house for groups of any size. Please email with your learning requirements; the number of attendees; where you would like the training to take place; and your website address.

For more information, either call Joanna on 01628 773128 or email  or use the form below:

MailChimp training contact form

MailChimp training contact form