MailChimp Campaigns and Templates in-house training workshop

MailChimp trainingWould you like some training for yourself / some colleagues on MailChimp Campaigns and Templates? Getting this right and understanding the software features can make a big difference to your results.

Learn how to create effective MailChimp Campaigns and Templates during an intensive half day in-house workshop at your offices. Nigel Temple is an experienced MailChimp trainer, copywriter and marketing consultant. He has taught thousands of business owners and marketing professionals how to use MailChimp with confidence.

*  Campaign subject lines: discover how to improve your open rates
*  How to design and style beautiful and effective campaigns
*  How to select the right content blocks and MailChimp features
*  How to choose and edit images so that they look beautiful
*  Avoiding abuse reports and being blacklisted
*  How to drive more traffic to your website
*  How to ensure that your campaigns look great on smartphones
*  Tips and ideas to improve the look and feel of your Campaigns

Handout + support
Each delegate will receive a printed course handout (2016 version, over 8,000 words).

Questions / booking
If you have any questions or would like to book your in-house workshop, either email or call Joanna on 01628 773128.