MailChimp and LinkedIn training

LinkedIn training and talks

MailChimp is the perfect complement to LinkedIn. Discover how to combine the world’s leading professional networking website with MailChimp email marketing.
MailChimp training
LinkedIn has over 433 million members. It is a giant Rolodex of contacts and potential business. You can have up to 30,000 connections within LinkedIn.

Email is an effective way of reaching decision makers and MailChimp is a world class email marketing platform.

What if you combined them? What is the right strategy? How would this work on a tactical basis?

Nigel Temple has conducted extensive research into both LinkedIn and MailChimp. He is a marketing strategist, professional copywriter, MailChimp and LinkedIn trainer. He can show you how to use LinkedIn and MailChimp together to produce better results for your business.

He offers 1-2-1 coaching, in-house training and talks to groups of any size.

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