MailChimp Premium training

Are you looking for MailChimp Premium training? Nigel Temple has been a MailChimp trainer for five years and he has taught hundreds of enterprises including:

He has extensive experience of MailChimp Premium (which used to be called MailChimp Pro).

He can show you and your team how to:

* Setup a MailChimp Premium Audience
* Use advanced subscriber segmentation
* Deploy campaign Multivariate testing
* Get the best out of MailChimp Premium
* And much more!

Nigel has worked on Audience sizes of up to 26.2 million within MailChimp. He trains corporates, brands, charities and enterprises with substantial numbers of subscribers and demanding email marketing / communication requirements.

Quite often, different departments are looking to use MailChimp in different ways and Nigel can incorporate this within the training.

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