MailChimp training for charities

Are you looking for MailChimp training for your charity? Nigel Temple has trained dozens of charities and public sector enterprises in MailChimp including:

The training can be delivered at your offices or at a venue of your choice, for groups of any size.

Special fee rates are offered for in-house training for charities / third sector / not for profit enterprises.

Your tailored MailChimp training course will take into account your current level of knowledge and your email marketing objectives, which differ for charities and not for profit enterprises.

Create more effective Campaigns for staff, management, board members, investors, fund raisers, service users, beneficiaries, regulators, other stakeholders and the media.

During the course, we will login to your MailChimp account – so that your colleagues can see how everything works.

Nigel Temple also offers an in-house training course on MailChimp Campaign / Template design for charities.

“I found Nigel’s MailChimp course to be really beneficial as he gave some great tips and helpful advice. Having the user guide makes it accessible at all times and I now feel more confident with this marketing tool.”  Charlotte Bowles ~ Sebastian’s Action Trust

Professional email marketing training can make all the difference. Would you like to discover:

MailChimp training* How to use MailChimp with confidence
* How to increase the number of engaged subscribers
* How to sort and select subscribers in order to send them tailored messages
* How to design effective MailChimp campaigns
* How to personalise your campaigns in order to increase effectiveness and results 
* How to boost donations via MailChimp
* How to communicate effectively via MailChimp
* Little known MailChimp tips and tricks
* How to improve your email marketing results

The training can be delivered for groups of any size, or as a talk. The email marketing training includes live demonstrations and step-by-step ‘how to’ guidance. A detailed PDF training manual is included.

“Nigel has developed a reputation as one of our leading trainers. His sessions are well known to be of the highest standard. Year on year, he gets some of our best scores.” Geoff Reason, The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)

To discuss your requirements, either email or call Joanna on 01628 773128 or use the contact form below:

MailChimp training contact form

MailChimp training contact form