Mailchimp training course

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Discover how to use Mailchimp with confidence, during our small group, interactive workshop where you can ask questions. Delivered to your computer via Zoom.

Benefit from:
* Step-by-step guidance, with live demonstrations in Mailchimp itself
* 10 years of Mailchimp training experience
* 2024 Mailchimp guide (lots of detail)
* Talk directly to the presenter

Nigel Temple has shown thousands of comms and marketing professionals, as well as business owners how to get the best out of Mailchimp. He shares his top tips and insights during this course.

Understanding Audiences, Groups, Tags & Segments
How to sort and select your subscribers
How to design effective templates and campaigns
Little known Mailchimp tips, tricks and ideas
How to increase your campaign open rates
What to look for within MailChimp reports
How to improve your email marketing results
And much more!

You can ask questions and gain practical guidance for using Mailchimp. You will receive a detailed PDF training manual which is packed with useful tips.

“Your course was one of the best I’ve been on. We often use it as an example of what can be achieved on a good course.” ~ Shaun Butler

“A great foundation into what is obviously a great piece of software.” ~ Angus Burnett

“Nigel adeptly answered everyone’s questions whilst delivering an engaging workshop. I highly recommend attending this course, if you want to get the most out of Mailchimp.” ~ David Hogg

“Thank you for an excellent course. Well delivered and professional.” ~ Caroline Porter

Joining instructions will be sent to you, prior to the event.

Based on the London course, that ran for six years.

“Everyone found the training really helpful.” ~ Kerry DeRazza, Inspiration Trust

“I found Nigel’s Mailchimp course to be really beneficial as he gave some great tips and helpful advice. I found it particularly useful to see how others were using Mailchimp and where I could take this within my work.”  Charlotte Bowles

“Thank you so much for the training! It was great to understand the different ways that you can cut the data.” ~ Emma Roberts, Digital Culture Network – Arts Council England

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for presenting the Mailchimp training course.  It’s clarified so many things that I’ve been struggling with for years. It has definitely delivered beyond my expectations. I’ve always felt nervous logging into Mailchimp to design a campaign, but now I’m looking forward to trying out all of the new stuff that you have explained.” ~ Chris Tabb, Burley Fudge

* Up to 3 people from an organisation can attend
* Each attendee needs to have their own ticket
* We do not record our workshops
* Recordings may not be made by the attendees
* We do not offer discounts on workshop tickets
* For information on in-house Mailchimp training click here
* Please see Terms and Conditions for more details

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