MailChimp integrations

MailChimp integrates with a range of different software platforms / services / resources. This means that you can synchronise data (i.e. Subscribers), import relevant information and receive insights into what is working.

If MailChimp doesn’t already offer integration with your CRM, CMS, blog, ecommerce system etc, then you can use their API (i.e software which enables one application to ‘talk’ to another).

Here are some examples:

CMS (Content Management Systems)
* Drupal  * Joomla  * WordPress

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
* Capsule  * Insightly  * Microsoft Dynamics   * NetSuite  * Salesforce  * SugarCRM  * Zoho
(I recommend that you have “all of your contacts in one place: your CRM.” The challenge is that CRM systems don’t offer the same functionality, when it comes to email marketing, that specialists such as MailChimp provide. So the answer is to have a CRM and populate it. Then connect it to your email marketing system, i.e. MailChimp).

Customer support
* TeamSupport  * Zendesk

* BigCommerce  * Magento  * Shopify  * WordPress e-Commerce  * WooCommerce

* Gmail  * Outlook

* Eventbrite

Social media
* Facebook  * flickr  * HootSuite  * Instagram  * Tumblr  * Twitter

* Google Analytics

There are MailChimp integrations for musicians, non-profits (charities) and publishers. Find out more here:

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MailChimp training
I offer MailChimp training on a 1-2-1 basis, for teams and audiences of any size. If you would like to get the best out of your email marketing software – you are welcome to contact me.